India Monsoon Progress and Kharif acreage

27 July 2022

India Monsoon Progress and Kharif acreage

As on 26 July 2022, India Meteorological Department (IMD) shows, that the cumulative rainfall in the whole of India is 11% more than normal.

IMD shows, a rainfall shortage in East & northeast India whereas northwest India received rainfall near to normal. The areas in the South Peninsula and Central India have received higher rainfall.

The cumulative rainfall is +1% more than normal in the Northwest, +27% more than normal in Central, +30% more than in the southern peninsular, and -14% less than normal in East & northeast India.

June/July is the month of planting of Kharif crops in India. Overall Pulses planting higher, but tur planting is down 20% from the previous year. Also, the acreage for oilseeds, cotton, and coarse cereals have risen. Among staples, Rice is the major crop of the Kharif. Acreage for the crop is down due to rain deficit in major rice growing states.