Who We Are

Agricultural Markets are becoming global in nature with complex variables added every year; be it ethanol usage in corn, biodiesel usage in oilseeds, protein extraction in pulses or the climate change altering the landscape of growing food. AgPulse Analytica subscribes to the world view of the Agricultural markets and aims to become the benchmark global analyst in the industry. Focus is to bridge gaps of Quality Data on Production, Trade and Consumption across continents to provide complete product sketch for every stakeholder.

What We Do

We study the markets from multiple vantage points, including but not limited to APY, weather, seasonality, government policies, macro factors and evolving trade patterns. Our Experienced team is extensively travelled and well networked across geographies.

Our weekly reports are not just newsletters but cover the undercurrent of the global market, helping you to strategize for the next quarter, whether you are a farmer, miller, crusher, exporter, importer, policy maker, insurance or financial institution. We analyse stories from all over the world; from insatiable Chinese demand to government policies in Asia; from Pulses consumption in EU to Oilseeds processing in Africa; from heatwave in North America to effects of La Nina in the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition to our weekly newsletter, AgPulse also undertakes Bespoke Consultancy assignments. Our timely, customized projects are backed up by trusted proprietary data, authoritative analysis, and insightful forecasts, helping you make critical decisions and seize key investment opportunities.