Canada Pulse Prices

16 December 2021

Canada Pulse Prices


Since early August, prices of the pulse are increasing in Canada. Small red lentil is now quoted at above C$900/T at farm level. Feed peas is now at C$400/T.

At current crop loss estimates, we expect the price move to continue. Demand from South Asia and China is strong to support the bulls in pulses.

AgPulse View

The writing has been on the wall since long and July estimate from AAFC was shrugged off by the market completely. In its latest release, the agency has salvaged its reputation by reflecting the actual production losses.

We have been writing about peas crop to limit at 2.8 MMT and we continue to stick to that number. Our estimate for lentil crop is also unchanged at 2.25 MMT. For chickpeas, with that small an area, we are unable to run the yield model.

Demand from USA is being reported by Canadian traders and the buyers from China, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE, Bangladesh and India are yet to get aggressive in the Canadian markets. We anticipate demand to surface on every dip this year.