Lower yields lead to a decline in canola production

19 September 2023

Lower yields lead to a decline in canola production

Statistics Canada, commonly referred to as StatCan, has recently released its production estimates for Canadian field crops in 2023.

The production of canola is expected to witness a significant decrease of 7.1%, resulting in an estimated output of 17.37 million tons compared to the previous year. This decline is primarily attributed to adverse weather conditions in most parts of Western Canada. In the current year, there was notably less rainfall compared to the previous year, and consistently high temperatures prevailed. These factors contributed to a substantial reduction in both the yield rate and overall yield of the canola crop.

The key provinces responsible for canola cultivation in Canada include Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Saskatchewan is expected to witness a 6.12% decline in canola production, resulting in an estimated output of 9.17 million tons. The yield is forecasted to decrease by 13.65%, reaching 1.84 metric tons per hectare.

In Alberta, canola production is anticipated to decrease by 3.77%, leading to an expected output of 5.38 million tons. This decline is due to a combination of reduced harvested area and lower yield.

Meanwhile, in Manitoba, the harvested area is projected to decrease by 4.1% to 2.67 million tons, with the yield estimated to decrease by 11.89% to 2.14 metric tons per hectare. Consequently, the result is a significant 15.51% reduction in production, resulting in an expected output of 2.67 million tons.