EU Peas

05 July 2023

EU Peas

According to the latest report released by the European Commission, the total area of farmland dedicated to pea cultivation in the EU-27 reached 827 thousand hectares in 2023, marking a notable increase of 7.53% compared to the previous year. Among the EU-27 member states, France, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, and the Czech Republic demonstrated significant growth in their pea cultivation acreage during 2023. Germany experienced a 12% increase, Spain saw a 12% increase, the Czech Republic observed a substantial 16% increase, Lithuania witnessed an impressive 18% increase, and Romania demonstrated the highest growth with a remarkable 21% increase in pea cultivation acreage compared to the previous year. On the other hand, France's pea acreage only experienced a modest 3% increase from the previous year. Notably, Denmark faced a significant reduction of 49% in pea cultivation acreage compared to the previous year.

Based on the estimations provided by the European Commission, there has been a notable 8.12% increase in pea production compared to the previous year.

Our estimations that the pea production in the EU-27 for the period of 2023-24 will reach nearly 2 million tons. The projected figures suggest that there will be an import of approximately 545 thousand metric tons (KMT), while exports are expected to amount to around 200 KMT. Additionally, the estimated consumption of peas within the EU-27 is anticipated to be approximately 2.3 million tons.

Spain, Italy, Germany, and Belgium are recognized as the primary purchasers and consumers of peas within the EU-27. According to our estimations, Spain is expected to acquire approximately 200 thousand metric tons (KMT) of peas, while Italy is projected to purchase around 215 KMT. Germany and Belgium are anticipated to procure nearly 160 KMT of peas each. These figures highlight the significant demand for peas in these countries, establishing them as the major buyers and consumers within the EU-27 region.