India biggest lentil importer till 2022

11 March 2023

India biggest lentil importer till 2022

The biggest lentil importers in the world are India, Turkey, Bangladesh, and UAE. But India remained the biggest lentil importer until 2022, in comparison to other importing countries.

Till 2022, India was the biggest lentil importer, receiving 642 KMT, Turkey was the second most important importer, receiving 509 KMT, Bangladesh was the third importer receiving nearly 490 KMT, followed by UAE at nearly 370 KMT.

Given below figures shows the Lentils Import by respective nations:

However this story seems to be changing for 2023 as India is expecting a huge lentils crop between 1.60 to 1.65 MMT as planted acreage is higher for the year. With production increasing and a decent carry-in, At AgPulse, we don’t expect lentil imports by the country to be more than 600KMT for the year. Its respective for the months of January and February are 70KMT are 50KMT.

Given below charts shows India’s Lentils Production and Import with Carry-in: